LYA brings considerable depth and scope to its broad clientele for policy and regulatory mandates.

LYA’s expert knowledge is very focused on key areas that include broadband and mobile, new media and over-the-top broadcasting in addition to spectrum and licensing.

  • Support for ongoing regulatory activities and management with telecommunications and broadcasting regulators
  • Expert analyses submitted as part of policy and regulatory public consultations. Many studies completed by LYA in the context of policy and regulatory consultations are available under the header Publications above. These studies cover a wide range of subject matters including:
    • Mobile broadband
    • Discussion of the regulatory framework for MVNOs in a number of countries
    • The evolution of TV and new media
    • Incremental network costs related to over-the-top streaming services
    • Review of broadband deployment costs
    • Discussion of broadband subsidies
    • Discussion of spectrum bands and technology ecosystems
    • Auction rules and license conditions and their impact on competitive structure in mobile markets
    • Benchmarking of investment and prices for telecommunications services worldwide, as well as
    • The performance and quality of broadband services.
  • Expediting changes to license conditions or other matters in dealing with industry regulators
  • Training courses on telecommunications and broadcasting regulations.

LYA’s expertise has been sought after in many important telecommunications and broadcasting consultations that have led to major changes in each industry segment.

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