The LYA Team brings auction preparation and support experience and expertise from more than 15 years across different auction formats, spectrum bands and applications. These include:

  • Mobile spectrum such as 600 MHz, 700 MHz, AWS1/3, 2500 MHz and PCS, 3.4/3.5 GHz bands
  • Specialized applications such as Air to Ground service, and
  • Fixed services in a variety of bands including satellite applications and the 24 GHz and 38 GHz bands.

LYA Auction Platforms support all current formats from Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending (SMRA) Auctions to Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCA) and the Forward Clock Auction format used in the USA 600 MHz Incentive Auction.

Our Auction Platforms have supported a variety of rules and parameters including spectrum set asides and spectrum caps. All LYA Auction Platforms support a large number of license blocks on offer along various regional or national basis.

LYA’s Auction Platform can be programmed to reflect any type of auction process, from small to very large, reflecting all the rules set forward by the auctioneer for each specific auction.

LYA provides a full suite of auction services for potential auction participants as well as auctioneers

  1. Auction preparation planning and design/review of auction rules and parameters
  2. Assessment of the industry and competitive environment
  3. Valuation of the spectrum to be awarded
  4. Delivery of an Auction Platform
  5. Bidding workshops and mock auctions
  6. Extensive simulations with robotic bidding
  7. Development and support for an Auction Management Tool specific to each client’s needs
  8. Bid room management and analyses supporting executive decision making during the auction
  9. Auction post mortem and validation.

The high-stakes nature of Spectrum Auctions leaves no room for error

Bidding teams need to be well prepared and experienced with the auction format and rules set. The LYA Auction Platform allows your bidding team to gain the experience necessary to get the spectrum you need at the lowest possible price.