Highly Configurable Rule Sets

LYA’s Platforms are built to allow for large flexibility in rule sets and auction parameters in general, including:

  • Spectrum Caps, General Item Attribute Constraints, Set-Asides, Withdrawal Limits and Fine Calculations
  • Reserve Prices/Opening Prices
  • Activity Rules (Eligibility Points, Revealed Preference)
  • Pricing Rules (First Price Auctions, Second Price VCG Auctions, Core Pricing)
  • Tie-Breaking Rules for Winner Determination
  • Stage Transition Conditions

LYA will also work with individual clients to implement new rules for individual auction formats.

Mock Auctions and Simulations with AI Bidders

Advanced Bidding Metrics and Tracking Tools Built In

The system generates bidding metrics real-time and round by round reports for bidder and auctioneer analysis.

  • Item prices and valuation metrics such as $/MHz/pop
  • Activity breakdowns by region and item
  • Bidder exposure calculations

LYA’s Platforms for Auctioneers and Regulators

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