A Snapshot of LYA

LEMAY-YATES ASSOCIATES INC., founded in 1993, is an expert consulting and research firm focusing on the communications industry at large.

LYA’s expertise includes the development of Auction Platforms in support of its spectrum and auction practice. LYA’s expertise is at the forefront of auction formats including combinatorial clock auctions (CCA), simultaneous multiple round auctions and the new clock format of the US Incentive auction. Spectrum matters and spectrum auctions have been part of LYA’s core activities since 1995.

The following summarizes the key activities of LYA.

Expert Consulting services. This includes:

  1. Strategy and business planning
  2. Broadband market research and competitive analysis
  3. Support in acquisition strategies, investment analysis and due diligence
  4. Regulatory support, expert testimony and policy development
  5. Expert evidence in litigations and antitrust investigations

Spectrum Matters and Auctions. This includes:

  1. Spectrum strategy and valuation as well as license applications
  2. LYA Auction Platforms, for any type of auction format
  3. Assessment of the benefits of various auction formats and rules
  4. Mock auctions, bidding workshops and simulations
  5. LYA Auction Management Tools
  6. Regulator and bidder training
  7. Support for secondary market spectrum transactions

c-Ahead research. This includes:

  1. LYA c-Ahead blogs on matters of interest including spectrum awards around the world, spectrum prices and broadband.
  2. LYA c-Ahead research reports and custom research covering a variety of subject matters ranging from Connected Cars, Over the Top services and broadband applications to spectrum auctions and spectrum prices.