On October 11, Iceland’s Post and Telecom Administration (PTA) released a consultation on the draft terms for an auction of the frequency rights in the 700 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz bands. The auction will offer a total of three 2×10 MHz (60 MHz) licenses in the 700 MHz band, three 2×5 MHz (30 MHz) licenses in the 2100 MHz band and two 2×20 MHz and three 2×10 MHz (140 MHz) licenses in the 2600 MHz band. Coverage obligations and spectrum caps are proposed in the consultation. License terms vary from 5 to 15 years (700 MHz) . Opening bid prices have been set at 0.046USD per MHz per Pop for 700 MHz spectrum, 0.015 USD/MHz/Pop for 2100 MHz spectrum and 0.007 USD/MHz/Pop for 2600 MHz spectrum. Blocks of 40 MHz and 20 MHz in the 2600 MHz band were set at the same opening bid price. Comments are due for November 1st, 2016. The auction process is expected to start at the end of 2016 and to be completed by July 1st, 2017.