The final results of the Canadian 700 MHz license auction were announced by Industry Canada on February 19, 2014. The combinatorial clock auction (CCA) process attracted record bidding with revenues of $5.27 billion (Cdn) after 108 rounds and 21 bidding days. On July 10, 2014 Industry Canada released the details of the >2,000 bids placed for the clock, supplementary and assignment rounds.

Lemay-Yates Associates Inc. (LYA) is pleased to announce that it has fully replicated the results of the Canadian 700 MHz auction using the LYA Auction Platform. LYA’s implementation of the complex winner determination and pricing solvers confirmed the results in terms of the licenses won as well as the final price paid, including the weighted core adjustment that led to the result for each bidder.

The LYA Auction Platform is a key element of LYA’s toolkit for supporting auctioneers and bidders in planning for and participating in spectrum license auctions, and in conducting mock auctions including with robotic bidders. The platform provides a flexible and straightforward way to validate auction results and can easily be modified to accommodate variations in rule sets. The LYA Auction Platform supports CCA and simultaneous multiple round auction (SMRA) processes, as well as sealed bid auctions.