LEMAY-YATES ASSOCIATES Inc., a telecom management consultancy that has been active around the world and in Canada for 20 years, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for its affiliate LYA International Inc.

LYA International Inc. will support the activities of LYA in worldwide markets. The two principals of LYA International Inc. are Ms. Johanne Lemay and Mr. Robert Yates.

Current activities of LYA International Inc. focus on mobile broadband and spectrum related matters including spectrum auctions. LYA has been active in spectrum auctions since 1999 and has supported bidders in a variety of auction formats ranging from Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending (SMRA) Auctions to Vickrey and Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCA).

LYA has developed an Auction Platform to give bidders the experience they need to develop successful bidding strategies. A description of the LYA Spectrum Auction Platform is provided by clicking here.

The LYA c-Ahead® Research Program is a key element of LYA’s international research and industry monitoring activities. Details on current LYA publications with an international focus can be found by clicking here.

LYA clients include telecommunications carriers, cablecos, investors, industry associations, solutions and equipment vendors, as well as governments and regulatory agencies. The principals of LYA are often called upon as expert witness in public consultations, regulatory proceedings as well as in cases of litigation and arbitration.

LYA International Inc. is looking forward to adding value to your business and contributing to your success.