LYA, founded in 1993, is a boutique management consulting and research firm focused on the communications industry with an extensive wireless practice, ranging in activities from spectrum auctions to business planning, due diligence, competitive analysis, expert testimony and technology related mandates.

Ms. Johanne Lemay, Co-President, is regularly called to speak in seminars and conferences around the world. On June 26th, Ms. Lemay will be leading a lively panel discussing European and Global strategies for the 700 MHz band, an important topic that is critical for the future of mobile broadband communications and roaming around the world.

LYA has supported many bidders in spectrum auctions for close to 15 years, and has developed a sophisticated web-based Auction Platform to provide bidders the experience and training they need to develop successful bidding strategies.

With the introduction of larger and more complex spectrum auctions, it has become even more important for companies to have a fundamental understanding of the specific auction rules to develop sophisticated bidding strategies.

The LYA Auction Platform can support various auctions formats including Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCA), Clock, Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG) and Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending (SMRA) Auctions.

The LYA Auction Platform is specifically designed with flexibility in mind, allowing us to add, remove or adjust a variety of auction rules to exactly match those offered in your auction. These include: spectrum caps, set-asides, and other limits on bidding, reserve prices, activity rules, as well as pricing rules.