LEMAY-YATES ASSOCIATES INC. (LYA) is very pleased to have recently joined the Competitive Carrier Association (CCA).

LYA, founded in 1993, is a boutique management consulting and research firm focused on the communications industry with an extensive wireless practice, ranging in activities from business planning and due diligence to competitive analysis, expert testimony and technology related mandates.

One of our specialties is spectrum management, spectrum valuation and auctions using different auction formats ranging from Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending Actions (SMRA) to Combinatorial Clock Auctions, which will be the topic of my session in New Orleans on April 17th.

LYA has supported many bidders prior to and during auctions for close to 15 years and we have developed our own software platform and tools to do so.

LYA also conducts independent research including spectrum prices in licensing processes worldwide. LYA has published in January 2013 a c-Ahead research report focused on auction prices for 4G spectrum around the world. This Report entitled “Evolution of Prices in Mobile Spectrum Auctions in the 4G Era” provides detailed information and analysis on more than 140 spectrum licensing processes in 53 countries.

Our broad scope and extensive background enable us to see the whole picture across an array of issues, integrating strategies, markets, technologies and networks, finance and regulation.

In New Orleans, on the afternoon of April 17th, Johanne Lemay will be participating in a panel discussion entitled “Risks and Rewards in the 600 MHz Spectrum Auction”, from 14:45 to 17:00. This session is organized as part of the CCA’s Global Expo “Competing in a Connected World Agenda”