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Spectrum Auction in Iceland moves ahead in May

In October 2016, the Iceland Post and Telecom Administration (Post-og Fjarskiptastofnun or PTA) published draft rules for an electronic auction of frequencies in bands 700, 2100, and 2600 MHz. Six parties submitted comments and the terms of the auction were updated to include licenses in the 800 MHz band. In March 2017, parties were invited to submit [...]

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A Perspective on Spectrum to Deploy 5G – 600MHz, 3.5GHz and mmWave

How much spectrum is required for 5G? The short answer is a lot. The detailed answer varies according to each carrier’s spectrum holdings but most carriers will need to double or more than double their spectrum holdings to offer quality 5G services. Spectrum in different bands will also be required for coverage [...]

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Comparing 5G Now Between Canada and the US – Super Hot Spots & Mobile

There were 5G announcements in 2016 in Canada but few details in terms of concrete plans from mobile carriers. Of note are technology trials completed by Bell and Nokia, conducted using 73 GHz spectrum, as well as TELUS and Huawei in Vancouver, where speeds of up to 29.3 Gbps were achieved as part of [...]

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The New CRTC Broadband Fund – Also comparing with the FCC’s market mechanism & the GO Act

The CRTC issued Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2017-112 on April 25, 2017 to “examine matters related to the establishment of the broadband funding regime”. The CRTC is looking for inputs regarding both the governance, evaluation criteria and functioning of this new regime as well as which organizations would be eligible to [...]

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FCC’s Landmark 600 MHz Auction Ends; No-Regrets Prices

The FCC's 600 MHz auction ended March 28, 2017 with details released shortly thereafter... Licenses were sold at a “no-regrets” price of US$0.92 per MHz-pop – more than 60% “off” compared to AWS-3 and 35% less than 700 MHz licenses. And the winners were... some of the usual suspects, but bucking US auction history, AT&T [...]

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