A bid room will run smoothly when supported by a LYA Auction Management Tool.

LYA offers Auction Management Tools for SMRA as well as clock auctions. LYA Auction Management Tools are offered under a one-time licence fee.

LYA Auction Management Tools ensure that round tracking is aligned with the client’s overall business strategy and objectives. This includes tracking bidder valuations for individual licences and packages of licences that will be targeted.

LYA Auction Management Tools provide for round-by-round bid tracking, linking of bidding tactics to valuations and competitive analysis, as well as ongoing reports to support management decision-making.

LYA Auction Management Tools provide recommended next round bids, along with outputs such as an executive summary of auction and bidding activity overall, detailed tracking by geographic region or by hypothetical competitor or other parameters and history of round bidding. These tools also create a complete archive copy of each round for post-auction analysis or audit.

LYA Auction Management Tool have been successfully used by clients (on their own or with LYA support) in several complex auction processes.